Products in the HME Business Buyer's Guide

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  • Print WAFFLE® Valveless Bariatric Seat Cushion By EHOB Incorporated

    The WAFFLE® Valveless Bariatric Seat Cushion has a low-profile design for safety and convenience when getting in and out of chairs. The cushion redistributes weight evenly, cradling and floating patient, thereby providing comfort and reducing the risk of pressure injury (bedsores). Seat... Read More
  • PAPillow Mini Edge CPAP Pillow By CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct

    The CPAP Multi-Mask is soft, comfortable, and has cut-outs which allow the mask and tubing to fit as designed without hitting the pillow. Read More
  • Pediatric Forearm Crutches By Wenzelite Re/hab Supplies div of Drive Medical

    The Drive Pediatric Forearm Crutch is a steel crutch with individual leg and forearm section height adjustments. This design allows for optimal sizing. The Pediatric Crutch features vinyl coated ergonomically contoured arm cuffs molded for comfort and stability, comfortable and durable vinyl... Read More
  • Perfect Chair® Serenity™ By Human Touch, LLC

    Where heat, waves, weightlessness and beauty come together lies serenity – the Perfect Chair Serenity™ to be exact. Human Touch’s newest zero-gravity recliner seamlessly integrates earth’s natural elements and the healing arts of the Far East into an amazingly luxurious chair that soothes tired,... Read More
  • Platform Lifts By EZ-ACCESS

    Improve the accessibility to your home with a vertical platform lift from EZ-ACCESS. Designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with limited mobility in a residential setting, EZ-ACCESS vertical platform lifts are easy to install and can be customized to fit the entryway to your home.... Read More
  • Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps By Access4U Inc.

    Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramps are most often used for temporary use on 1-2 steps. Also Called Folding Ramps (because they fold in half) Read More
  • Portable Ramps By EZ-ACCESS

    Take your accessibility solution with you as you travel with portable ramps from EZ-ACCESS that can be easily transported to anywhere you need them. From singlefold and trifold ramps to threshold plates, mats and ramps, these portable ramps are built to withstand repeated use and will fit... Read More
  • Posey Defined Perimeter Mattress Covers By Posey Company

    Helps promote a safe bed environment without the need for bed side rails. • Low intervention solution for side rail. • Wedge-shaped foam sections form a sensory reminder of mattress edges. • Mid-section openings for easy patient exit and entry. • Straps with quick-release buckles easily secure... Read More
  • Posey Deluxe Podus Boot By Posey Company

    Multi-purpose foot boot helps in the healing and prevention of heel and toe ulcers and safeguards against foot drop. • Large heel cavity helps keep heel isolated and free from pressure. • Polymer splint can accommodate up to 45-degrees of plantar flexion. • Machine washable liners made from... Read More
  • Posey Floor Cushions By Posey Company

    • Helps reduce impact forces by up to 85%. • Tested for shock absorbency. • EVA foam. • Wipe clean vinyl cover. • Non-skid bottom. • Tri-fold design with convenient carrying handle. • One-inch (3 cm) thick foam creates low profile edge. • Helps provide full coverage of the bed exit area. • 6027... Read More
  • Posey Gait Belts By Posey Company

    • Specially designed nickel-plated, metal buckles offer maximum hold, while reducing wear on the cotton belt for increased durability. • Constructed of sturdy cotton and available in a variety of colors and patterns. • 2” (5 cm) wide webbing. • Machine washable. • Also available in... Read More
  • Posey Heel Guards By Posey Company

    Economical foam foot guard helps isolate the heel to help protect against heel ulcers. • Heel and side ventilation holes help promote air ¬circulation around the foot. • Soft, lightweight convoluted foam. • Foam securement straps. • One size fits all. • Meets CA #117, Section E Flame Retardancy... Read More
  • Posey Heel Pillows By Posey Company

    Economical, machine washable heel and ankle protective device. • Soft cotton/polyester fabric minimizes the risk of friction and shear. • Comfortable hollow core micro-fiber filling. • Hook and loop fasteners for quick and easy application. • Distinct left and right boots keep straps away from... Read More
  • Posey Hipsters® Incontinent Brief By Posey Company

    • High impact-absorbing viscoelastic pads help protect hip bones against injury from falls. • Soft, comfortable pads help improve compliance versus ¬hard-shell products. • 100% Latex-free. • Discreet low-profile pads are virtually undetectable under clothing. • Standard Foam Pad. • Removable... Read More
  • Posey KeepSafe® Deluxe By Posey Company

    Lightweight compact fall alarm. • Compatible with all Posey bed, chair, toilet seat sensors, floor and PIR sensors. • Five alarm tones. • Battery operated with 4 “AAA” batteries (included). • AC Power, adapter sold ­separately (8383). • Over-molded impact absorbing case. •... Read More
  • Posey Knitted Heel/Elbow Protectors By Posey Company

    Comfortable sock-like covering helps provide comfort and helps protect against limb friction and shear forces. • Latex-free flexible stretch yarn helps minimize friction and shearing on the skin. • Non-compression, expandable knit weave helps promote air circulation. • Sewn-in contoured... Read More
  • Posey Lateral Wedges By Posey Company

    Ideal for helping to keep bed ridden patients repositioned, reducing pressure points under bony prominences and the incidence of pressure ulcers. • Ideal for helping to keep bed ridden patients repositioned, reducing pressure points under bony prominences and the incidence of pressure ulcers.... Read More
  • Posey Lift and Turn Pad By Posey Company

    Durable quilted polyester laminated pad designed for liquid retention. • Nylon handles make turning or repositioning easy. • Machine washable. Read More
  • Posey Premium "Gel" Heel Pillow By Posey Company

    Multi-purpose heel pillow helps address a variety of heel and foot issues including skin irritation, heel ulcers and foot drop. • Machine washable, soft, non-shear polyester fabric offers a comfortable fit and helps protect the foot, ankle and calf from skin irritation. • Hollow core... Read More
  • Posey Premium Elbow Protectors By Posey Company

    Helps protect elbows against external forces and reduce friction burns. • Hollow core microfiber filling helps provide extra comfort and protection. • Breathable-brushed polyester fabric cover helps promote air circulation. • Secures easily with a soft cotton strap. • One size fits... Read More
  • Posey Premium EZ Clean Gaits Belt With Spring-Loaded Buckle By Posey Company

    • Biothane® polyurethane encapsulated webbing wipes clean to help address cleanliness concerns. • Spring loaded, self-locking buckle is easy to apply and molded from rugged polyethylene. • 2” (5 cm) wide webbing. • Available in standard or bariatric lengths. • Also available in attractive... Read More
  • Posey Premium Heel Guard By Posey Company

    High resilience foam heel offloading device which floats the heel and helps reduce the risk of foot drop. • Open heel cutout allows the heel to be suspended to help reduce pressure ulcers. • Heel and side ventilation openings help provide air circulation and dissipate heat buildup. • Adjustable... Read More
  • Posey PRO-heeLx® Heel Protector By Posey Company

    Designed to float the heels above the bed surface and helps protect against heel pressure ulcers. • Durable straps help with foot drop functionality. • 2” heel lift helps isolate the heel and the large opening helps ensure adequate ventilation and cooling of the heel and eases patient... Read More
  • Posey Seizure Side Rail Pads By Posey Company

    Helps minimize accidental patient injuries resulting from striking bed side rails. • Contour fitted design features 1” (3 cm) medium density foam. • Easily attaches with hook and loop fasteners. • Shear nylon outer shell helps prevent patient skin “rub” burns. • Allows unobstructed lowering of... Read More
  • Posey Side Rail Wedges By Posey Company

    Helps provide protection around the complete bed perimeter and helps close the gap between the mattress and the frame/side rails. • Can be zipped together with the Posey Horseshoe Wedge #5730. • Rises 11” (28 cm) above mattress surface for excellent protection. • Made of soft foam and covered... Read More
  • Posey Sitter Elite™ By Posey Company

    Simple to operate alarm, compatible with chair, bed or toilet sensor pads. • Personalized voice recording capability. • Pre-recorded voice message. • Five alarm tones. • Option for tone and/or voice alarm. • Adjustable volume. • Battery operated with 4 “AA” batteries (included). • Adjustable... Read More
  • Posey SkinSleeves™ By Posey Company

    Versatile non-compression skin covering that offers a discreet way to protect your patient’s fragile skin from tears, bruises and abrasions. • Helps prevent patient disruption of medical treatments by camouflaging IV sites and wound sites. • Helps protect thin, fragile skin tissue. • Offers a... Read More
  • Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat By Posey Company

    • Helps absorb impact. • Soft, durable PVC. • Can be cut to fit any size bathtub, shower stall or bathroom floor. Read More
  • Pos-Success By DIABCO-Healthcare Software Solutions

    POS-Success is highly flexible and powerful and meets all the needs of the HME’s, Pharmacies, physician offices with retail department and retailers in general. The system is also completely customizable. POS-Success has no limitations, is based on the latest touch screen technology and is... Read More
  • Prep Ease Alcohol Prep Pads By Global Medical Products & Hospital Supplies

    Isopropyl alcohol 70% v/v. Four-layer wrapper provides air-tight seal to prevent leakage and drying out. Read More
  • Products and Services for Home Health Agencies By McKesson

    We bring you the right products at the right price. Quality patient care begins with quality products at competitive pricing. With more than 45,000 national and private label products to choose from, McKesson Medical-Surgical delivers the quality your patients deserve - at prices you'll... Read More
  • Protekt™ 100 Foam Mattress By Proactive Medical

    Protekt™ 100 Foam Mattress Pressure Redistribution Foam Mattress is specifically designed for the value oriented facilities with limited budgets. The three (3) zones are comprised of 670 individual cells that are independent from one another. This design enables the mattress to conform to the... Read More
  • Protekt™ Aire 3000 By Proactive Medical

    The Protekt™ Aire 3000 Low Air Loss/Alternating Pressure Mattress System - With a static button is our value oriented air mattress system for a provider with a limited budget that won't sacrifice quality. The Protekt™ Aire 3000 combines dual therapies of low air loss and alternating pressure in... Read More
  • Protekt™ O2 Adjustable Air Cushion Medicare code E2622 By Proactive Medical

    The Protekt™ O2 cushion is Proactive Medical's premier wheelchair cushion for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. The soft interconnected air cells allow for deep immersion providing constant low pressure across the seating surface. Air adjustable 4" or 2" cells offer deep immersion... Read More
  • Pulmo-Aide Compact 3655 Nebulizer/Compressor By CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct

    The DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide Compact Compressor/Nebulizer system provides effective therapy at an affordable price. The portable, small size allows for therapy at home or on the go and features ease-of-use, a 5-year warranty, and the same reliable operation you have come to count on from DeVilbiss.... Read More
  • PulmoNeb 3655 Nebulizer/Compressor By CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct

    The new DeVilbiss PulmoNeb™ Compressor Nebulizer joins the top-selling compressor line in the world, building upon the field-proven advantages of the DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide® Compact Compressor. The PulmoNeb System offers best-in-class performance in a highly intuitive design that makes it easy for... Read More
  • Pumps By Bio Compression Systems Inc.

    Our Products are Class II Medical Equipment requiring a Doctor's Prescription. Read More
  • Puresom Ruby Adjustable CPAP Chin Strap By CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct

    The PureSom Ruby Chin Strap's exclusive design provides a unique method for securing the chin while maintaining complete comfort for the patient. Read More