Ride Designs

8100 SouthPark Way, C400
Littleton, CO 80120

About Ride Designs

Ride Designs is committed to creating wheelchair seating systems that help protect skin, enhance mobility, improve function, and optimize posture. A properly fitted Ride cushion and back work together to help manage skin risk. A Ride seating system also helps boost postural control and stabilize the pelvis and trunk, often resulting in increased confidence, performance, freedom of movement, and ease of use
Ride Designs wheelchair cushions are backed by both university-level research and years of clinical application. Our cushion designs are based on the Orthotic and Prosthetic principles of off-loading at-risk bony prominences, while safely supporting those parts of the body that can tolerate contact. This strategy aids in improved postural control, mobility and skin care — with potential results well beyond those of traditional wheelchair cushions.

People are not all the same and their bodies are definitely not flat — so all Ride products are designed to adjust and accurately fit the user. Our deep understanding of biomechanical principles has led to the development of seating systems that most accurately support distinctive body shapes and enhance the delicate balance of pelvis/trunk dynamics. Better seating solutions aid in skin protection, increased stability and freedom of movement.

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