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About Truform-OTC/PCP

SAI is pleased to introduce a NEW look to our most successful brand, Truform. For years Truform compression hosiery has been synonymous with quality and value - the product line’s new look is designed to attract the most discerning consumer. To complement the Truform facelift, SAI is presenting new products in the Champion CSX line of athletic braces, supports & compression sport socks, OTC Select OSG's, and Touch Designer Compression Socks. All designed to grow your cash sale business.

Competitors of Truform-OTC/PCP

La Pointique International Ltd

LP/OPPO Medical offers the most extensive product line of functional supports with: • Long standing commitment to uncompromising quality in workmanship and customer service. • Keen understanding of the rehabilitation market and the needs of our customers. • Passion for innovation, shared by a... Read More

ING Source, Inc.

ING Source, Inc. is the makers of OrthoSleeve supports, featuring patented Compression Zone Technology and the Foot Gym all-in-one footcare device. OrthoSleeve products, including the award winning "FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve", offer a breakthrough concept in orthopedic supports with thin,... Read More