Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply

4533 N HWY 81
Anderson, SC 29621

About Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply

Bort Medical GmbH was founded in 1981 in order to meet the growing need for higher quality orthopedic products. Bort Medical's designers collaborate closely with clinicians in orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine, and develop products, such as the Genuzip® and Manuzip® lines, that are specifically geared to patients and their particular symptoms. Located near Stuttgart, Germany, the company is certified EN ISO 9001 and employs a staff of over one hundred and fifty. Bort Medical GmbH products have been successfully distributed throughout Europe and many other countries. Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply, L.L.C. was launched by Beth Swiss in the North America, in April 2006. BSOS is a company with a heart: Helping people find high-quality orthopedic medical supplies that will help them long-term. We enjoy being able to make a real difference and paying it forward. We're proud to be able to bring these outstanding and innovative products to U.S. & North American consumers."

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