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About Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc.

Our promise to you: unparalleled service and resources to help you shine as a healthcare provider.

Discover what makes our process different.

Your goals are our goals. We understand the trust placed in your assisted living community by your residents and their families. Like you, our aim is to provide the best path to bringing comfort to your residents, ensuring them that both physical and mental well-being are the top priorities of your community. Day-to-day details—at every level— measure up to make each resident’s experience something to be proud of.

It’s simple. ACHC brings expertise and focus to two main objectives for your assisted living community and residents: quality of care and quality of life. Further, we help you apply strategic methods for improvement that directly impact and refine your business, helping you grow.

Our accreditation standards set benchmarks that drive improvement for all aspects of your assisted living community.

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