Focus on Accuracy and Cost-efficiency in Textile Machines

Press Release from LINAK US, Inc.

LINAK puts focus on textile machines and other industrial automation applications for which we have been supplying actuator solutions for years.


Corporate News:  28 February 2014


Industrial automation is a huge area consisting of an almost endless list of different machines for assembly, welding, packing, labelling, transport, inspection and many other functions on the factory floor of any given production company.

TECHLINE ®  has been supplying the industry for years and has vast experience and application knowledge for a wide range of machines for industrial automation.

One of them is textile machines for which accuracy and cost-efficiency are important factors.

A textile machine is usually essential for getting the most out the textile in the fastest way possible without compromising accuracy in the handling process.

The textile must be placed properly in the machine, it must be handled carefully and accurately and cut perfectly and accurately in order to waste as little textile as possible.

The main target is fast, cost-efficient, accurate and reliable handling of the textile for ensuring the biggest possible outcome. This is why reliable performance with extreme accuracy is so important for textile machines. 


TECHLINE actuator solutions provide easy integration, simple operation, electronic positioning with hall potentiometer and accurate, maintenance-free performance.

Set-up is quick and performance is cost-effective with low power consumption compared to pneumatics.

All in all, TECHLINE actuator solutions provide an accurate, cost effective alternative for textile machines as well as many other  industrial automation applications .

Learn more about actuator solutions for  textile machines .

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