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ALPHARETTA, Ga., Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Bruder Healthcare announces the immediate availability of Eyeleve, the first and only compress clinically proven to increase comfortable contact lens wear time by up to three hours daily.*

"End-of-day discomfort is considered the primary reason for contact lens dropout and continues to cost the optical industry hundreds of millions of dollars per year," says Stan Joseph, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Proactively offering solutions like Eyeleveby Bruder can be an effective way to extend time to dropout and enhance overall patient satisfaction."

The Eyeleve Contact Lens Compressdelivers consistent, therapeutic moist heat that alleviates symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction and contact lens-related dry eye. By stimulating glands and increasing oil production, Eyelevehelps stabilize the ocular surface to reduce dryness and extend comfortable wear time of contacts.

A clinical study at the School of Optometry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that subjects using Bruder masks with MediBeads®technology had significantly improved meibomian gland scores, and experienced steeper declines in their overall Eye Discomfort Assessment scores. They ultimately increased comfortable wear time of their contact lenses by up to three hours by using the compress.

Contact-lens wearers have three times the usual levels of certain bacteria than the eyes of non-wearers. For this reason, the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compressutilizes silver ion MediBeads® and an anti-microbial EyeOnic™ fabric. EyeOnic™ material has anti-microbial threads woven into the fabric of the compress, reducing the risk of infections. Together these features help address eyelid hygiene and reduce the risk of corneal infection in contact lens wearers. Finally, Eyelevefeatures a patent-pending ergonomic pod design and a contoured comfort stitch to alleviate pressure off the eyes.

For new contact lens wearers and for those who may already be experiencing discomfort, Eyeleveis a welcome addition to the Bruder family of ophthalmic products. For more information about the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress, visit

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Bruder Healthcare is a recognized leader in eye care and provides the #1 doctor recommended moist heat eye compress. Since 1986, Bruder Healthcare has provided safe, effective therapeutic products to medical professionals and consumers. Our products are used in medical settings and homes around the world.

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* Ablamowicz AF, et al. The Effect of the Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress on Contact Lens Discomfort in Contact Lens Wearers. Conducted at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. 2018.

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