US Diagnostics Inc.

304 Park Avenue South, Suite 218
New York, NY 10010-4317

About US Diagnostics Inc.

U.S. Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures and distributes blood glucose monitoring systems, which are used for quantitative measurement of glucose levels in whole blood. The primary focus of the company is to develop technologies in the areas of biosensor and dry reagent chemistry that enable rapid point of care testing. Our Control AST, EasyGluco and EasyGluco PLUS meters have earned a strong reputation on the market and have similar features of the leading brands that are more than twice the price.

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Products by US Diagnostics Inc.

By US Diagnostics Inc.

The INFINTY® Meter is the newest tool from U.S. Diagnostics for managing your diabetes. The INFINITY® Monitor reads the test strip and automatically sets the code providing easy, safe, quick, and comfortable testing. The Monitor gives you accurate and reliable results in just 5 seconds and it... Read more »