Impact Instrumentation, Inc.

27 Fairfield Pl.
West Caldwell, NJ 07006-6206

About Impact Instrumentation, Inc.

Impact Instrumentation, Inc.
Manufacturer of the largest selection of portable, mobile, and on board aspirators, under one roof.
Uni-Vent® series of Automatic Resuscitators, Uni-Vent® 731 Series Model EMV+, AEV and Eagle II Portable Volume and Pressure Ventilator, the Uni-Vent® Eagle™ Model 754 Portable Volume Ventilator System and the 73X Mass Casualty Ventilator.
Manufacturer of Sorensen® Suction Apparatus.
Products include:
305/308/Vac-Pak™ series of Portable Aspirators
303,309,319, 324 ambulance/aeromedical Onboard Aspirators
“E” series vehicular and aeromedical Compressors and Pumps
Vac-Pak IITM ultra-lite® series of Portable Aspirators 320, 321, Ultra-Lite® Model 326 Portable Continuous/Programmable Intermittent Aspirator
Uni-Vent® 700 series Automatic Resuscitators
Sorensen® Suction Apparatus
SMEED™ Critical Care Platform for Litters

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